Key dates

Key dates

The SIST Team is always available to answer any queries you may have to make the most of the service we provide when you visit SIST. In order to ensure you do not miss any important dates, we recommend that you add the following to your diary:

Don’t miss these dates!

Event and Summer programmesDaysTimeDDL to register
October Session Registration Monday to Friday9:00h - 6:00h30th August
January Session RegistrationMonday to Friday9:00h - 6:00h30th January

:::: SIST events dates

15th March 2018

Interschool Competition

09th February 2018

Administration school courses

1st July 2018

Open days

13th March 2018

Global village

04th April 2018

Intensive English – Bac-prepa

17th February 2018

SIST Teachers’Training

11th May 2018

SIST British Day

28th March 2018

SIST Job Day

23rd February 2018

SIST Alumni Gathering

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Forums planningDates
Forum International de l’étudiant-Rabat08 th to 10 th February
Forum International de l’étudiant-Tanger15 th to 17 th March
Forum International de l’étudiant-Marrakech29 th to 31 th March
Forum International de l’étudiant-Casablanca.26 th to 29 th April