Quality Assured by British Government

Quality Assured by British Government


The United Kingdom is recognized as one of the global leaders in education with four of their universities occupying the top six positions in QS World University Rankings. The UK is also the second most popular choice for international students to study. A study done by the British Council found that over 3 million students chose to study in the UK and for UK qualifications overseas.

This is the case because all UK higher education providers, whether locally or delivered overseas, must comply to the requirement of UK Quality Code for Higher Education set by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA). The QAA ensures that high quality education is associated with UK institutions. Developed with the assistance of Universities, colleges and students for the benefit of the latter; the purpose of the UK Quality Code is to create a guideline for all higher education institutions to follow.


For further information, you can view the Quality Assurance Agency website at www.qaa.ac.uk/en