It is a great honour and pleasure for me to welcome you to SIST that endeavors to deliver an educational experience which can be recognised as sustainable excellence.

We welcome students from diverse backgrounds and nationalities since we strongly believe that cultural exchange will enrich your educational experience and will add a new dimension to your acquired knowledge.The cosmopolitan environment of SIST enables you to enlarge the scope of your perspectives and reach self-actualization within a cozy, warm and educational-oriented atmosphere.

SIST offers different programmes on behalf of Cardiff Metropolitan University which stands for a high-quality British education.Studying in SIST opens new horizons for students and improves their critical thinking. The goal of our institute is to lead you to learn on your own initiative and excel in your studies by applying the best and most suitable approaches.

SIST is the gateway between Morocco and UK reinforcing and consolidating the cultural exchange between these two countries as well as all kinds of opportunities that can be valuable to both ,SIST students are considered to be ambassadors of Morocco.

Once again, I would like to thank you for choosing SIST and remind you that the road you have taken will empower you. SIST does not only prepare you to discover the secrets of knowledge but also prepares you for life.

I hope that my message has clarified SIST vision; we are thrilled to receive you as a SIST student. You are part of SIST and the first steps of your amazing journey will start here.