SIST Experience

SIST Experience

The one and only! SIST is the first institution in Morocco, delivering programmes from Cardiff Metropolitan University leading to an internationally recognised British degree. SIST is also the only University in Morocco to deliver a British degree along with a Moroccan degree accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education.

SIST offers a British academic curriculum (Foundation Year, Bachelors, Master and MBA) delivered exactly as it is in Cardiff Met University with the same core modules and guaranteed quality as. This guarantee of quality education is overseen by the Quality Assurance Agency (

sist experience

SIST was established in 2001 in Casablanca, 2011 in Rabat and 2013 in Tangier. The aim is to be positioned as the top business school in Morocco. The school is building a campus in Marrakesh that shall take up to 2000 students.The school is also building a large campus in Casablanca that can take around 1000 students in its first academic year. Both projects are done in partnership with the British Council.

SIST has made tremendous developments in the quality of its teaching and programmes since the opening in 2001. SIST is currently running projects to place itself as the largest qualified British University in Middle East and North Africa region by 2020.