Can I transfer to England?

You will be free to transfer your studies at any time to Cardiff Metropolitan University or any other university, depending on their transfer policies.

Do I receive the same degree as the one in the United Kingdom?

Yes, our students receive the same degree delivered to our students in the UK.

Is the foundation year sufficient to improve my English?

Yes, the Foundation Year is an accelerated year in English, which will help you to improve your language whatever your current level is.

If I have a good level in English, can I access the Bachelor programme directly?

If you pass the Oxford Placement Test and interview successfully, or if you already have an IELTS 5.5 or a TOEFL 75, you may access to year 1 Bachelor programme.

Can I transfer to SIST other courses from another institution?

If you have studied in other academic institutions, you can apply to SIST for transfer credit, subject to fulfilling the condition for admission and validation of modules.

What opportunities will be available to me after I obtain my degree?

SIST has partnerships with different companies operating in different sectors. We receive many requests from companies interested inour graduates. There is a great need for our Bachelors and Masters graduates thanks to the diversity of our programmes.

Am I required to do internships during my studies?

Yes, our students are required to do internships outside the school system; the goal of this is to test your knowledge acquired during the three years of studies in the real world of employment. These internships will be validated as part of your studies. Internships take place during summer time.

Is it good for me to study in English knowing that we are in French system country?

Morocco’s Minister of Higher Education Mr.Lahcen Daoudi announced recently that the government is moving to boost the position of English in Moroccan universities, stressing that English is the language of scientific research, and it is believed to be the solution in Morocco’s education system.

Is SIST accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education in Morocco?

SIST offers its students an opportunity to get an internationally recognized degree and a Moroccan accredited degree by the Ministry of Higher Education.