SIST Research

SIST Research


Lectures are given to an audience of students where a lecturer explains a topic and allows opportunity for students to ask and answer the lecturer’s question from students.
Students are responsible for taking notes during the lectures. Lecturers send their lecture session by email after the class.

Computer Lab

SIST has at your disposal a well-equipped and modern computer lab that you can use whenever you need to conduct academic researches or practice ICT skills.


In British Education, research is the key to your success on assignments and projects; SIST offers you access to the university in the UK’s online library.


Some of your modules will have either exams or assignments or both.
Assignments are research-based projects where you make research through different tools to gather either primary or secondary data.


Presentations are an integral part of working life and as such during your assessments your presentation skills are evaluated.

Field Trips

The student Union is responsible for organizing different trips to factories and businesses in order to see in practice what they have learned in the classroom.

Learning by doing

Students organise events and seminars, which will allow them to develop soft skills that they would need once they begin their careers after graduation.

Continuous Assessment

Students are regularly evaluated which means that the presentations, assignments and exams are all taken into consideration when giving the student the final grade.

Feedback based

Student’s representatives have regular meeting with the administration in order to get student feedback and make any changes accordingly.
The university in the UK recieves regular reports in regard to the feedback and action is taken where necessary.


Examination is one of the most important assessment methods. Some of your modules may require an exam as part of the assessment. It is important to develop study skills to be able to manage your written exams.