Description of the programme

Description of the programme:

SIST has formulated a preparatory year for beginners in English language.


The Foundation Year will allow students to build a solid foundation through intensive and accelerated training programmes, created in conjunction with the British Council.
The main purpose of the Foundation Year is to fully prepare students to enter our Bachelor programmes.
Students will gain the necessary skills to be independent, within an English-speaking environment.

Structure of Courses / Evaluation

The academic year is composed of 3 terms covering a total of 30 weeks. All students must take a placement test (Online placement test 200MAD) to ascertain their level of English.During each term there will be continuous assessment and at the end of each term there will be an examination.

First Term

The first term focuses mainly on the four components of English-learning: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Developing these skills will give you the necessary level of English to be successful at SIST. Therefore, every student will be able to continue into the second half of the academic year.

Second Term

During this term, the English classes will concentrate on study skills to improve the student’s ability to take notes, to give presentations, use analytical and critical abilities, and to attend conferences. Students will be equipped with the necessary qualifications for the development of independent study skills.

Third Term

In the final term students will review the past 2 terms. SIST offers additional courses in Academic Writing skills (to prepare you for your progression into the Bachelor courses), and also Personal Development, which provides our students with additional skills like time-management and organisation.