BA(Hons) Business Management

The Business Management programme provides students with an in-depth knowledge of business structures and environment. The teaching involves the development of knowledge, skills and organisational management methods.
This course prepares students for the challenges of globalization, competitiveness, new technology and international recruitment.
In addition to developing the traditional qualities of a good manager, this programme pays special attention to fostering innovative behavior and the ability to master change whether it is technical, economic or social. Students learn how to adapt by learning to face a multitude of situations, which helps develop the business skills essential to become a good manager.


Potential careers

Business management is a very broad field that brings about careers in different industries including manufacturing, medical and health care, charities, hotels, government, chemical, computer and information systems, fashion, grocery, advertising and promotions, utilities and construction. The wide-ranging aspects of business management create opportunities in the public, private and nonprofit sectors.

Graduates in Business Management can occupy many different job positions that vary from project manager, small business manager, human resource manager, regional management analyst, operations manager, production manager, retail store manager, sales manager to hospitality management.