BA(Hons) International Hospitality Management

Development of Tourism is of vital economic importance for Morocco. The WTO (World Tourism Organisation) has recently stated that in the last 15 years tourism has created over 3 million jobs in the Moroccan Tourism Industry.

Our Bachelors programme in Tourism Management has been designed specifically to allow students access to positions of management in Tourism, Communication, event planning, and luxury travel. Our students are immediately operational at the end of their training, with courses alternating to integrate theoretical and application techniques.

The teaching in English also promotes language development and communication among students.

Our alumni have leadership roles in clubs or recreation centres, spas & resorts, palaces and luxury hotels, tours operators, communication and entertainment, associations, distributors, shops and tourist sites, sports, leisure and luxury travel.

Year 1: BA (HONS) International Hospitality Management

  • Hospitality in Practice
  • International Hospitality Events and Operations
  • Principles of Hospitality
  • Diversity and Social Inclusion for THE
  • Finance for Managers
  • Managing People and Organisations
  • Personal Development Planning

Year 2: BA (HONS) International Hospitality Management

  • Integrated Project
  • Global Hospitality Management Today
  • HRM for THE
  • Marketing for THE
  • Research Methods
  • Work Experience with Personal Development Planning
  • Business Development and Finance
  • Social Events and Party Planning

Year 3: BA (HONS) International Hospitality Management

  • International Food and Beverage Management
  • Strategic Management for THE
  • Dissertation or Enterprise Project
  • Employability and Career Development
  • Conferences, Exhibitions and Corporate Events
  • Digital Customer Experience for THE

Potential Careers

A tourism degree will open up many careers and jobs for you. It is one of the careers that can cross all the boundaries.As a tourism graduate, your choices are endless in different sectors like: tourism sector, media, hotel management, teaching, and advertising.

Typical job roles include:travel agent, holiday rep, tourist offices, travel writing, and hotel manager.