SIST is a British education institute in Morocco that offers students the opportunity to study in English in Morocco. It takes great pride in offering you the best quality British education in partnership with the renowned Cardiff Metropolitan University. As a result, you can have access to an approved and recognised British curriculum for an unbelievable cost. Courses are held in English only. We believe in preparing students for employability with the help of in-class learning and practical experience.

Some of the courses and programmes we offer you include the following:

All classroom sessions at SIST are conducted in English. Hence, students need a working knowledge of the English language to be able to study in English. However, we realise that there are some students who may face difficulty trying to study in English. The Foundation Year equips you with the ability to use English in the classroom and pursue your studies after BAC in English. The Foundation Year programme also aims to equip you with the necessary tools and knowledge to conduct academic research and deliver exceptional presentations.

SIST has partnered with Cardiff Metropolitan University to ensure you enjoy an exceptional learning experience. We work to inculcate the Cardiff Met EDGE, which refers to a series of Digital, Entrepreneurial, and Ethical skills, so that you develop the necessary confidence and toughness, and also be well-prepared for the real world that you will enter after graduating.

Our bachelor business programmes include International Business Management, Marketing Management, Finance Management and  Human Resources Management.

Across our three academic campuses, you can enrol in a variety of postgraduate programmes. We also offer research-based programmes at SIST, and you can find out more about it by visiting our Admissions page.

At SIST, we make it a point to ensure you receive the best quality education that will help improve your employability and become business leaders in a globalised world. Our courses are designed to equip you with skills that help you succeed after you graduate and enter the global workforce.

Get in touch with SIST today to find out more about our academic programmes and how you can enrol for your chosen course.