BA (Hons) International Hospitality Management

Our Bachelor’s program in Tourism Management has been designed especially to allow students to gain access to opportunities in tourism, communications, event management, and the luxury travel sector.

Our students are encouraged and supported throughout the programme, which offers the perfect balance of theoretical and applied techniques.

The instruction in English furthermore promotes language improvements and communications skills among students.

Our graduate students gain high positions in clubs, spas and resorts, and extravagant hotels. They gain a lot of benefits in the travel sector, with luxury travel and ample time to unwind.

Career Opportunities

A tourism degree will open up numerous vocations and employment opportunities for you. It is one of the professions that can cross all boundaries. As a tourism graduate, you will have endless choices in various sectors like tourism, media, lecturing, event management, and advertising.

Work might include running travel agencies, being a travel agent, hotel management and travel writing and blogging.

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