Court Day held at SIST Tangier

As part of their studies in Law, SIST Tangier students had to give a « Real Life » presentation by 4 different groups, a part of the exercise was to encourage and develop their research skills by finding out about the Law, various statutes and case studies that would prove their defence of the case.

The seminar also coincided with the visit of Cardiff Metropolitan University visit and Ryan Powell, Internationalisation TNE Officer and Jane Levy, Programme Director (Link Tutor) were present for the seminar.

Jane Levy presented the award to the winning Groups and congratulated all the students on a very closely contested competition, Jane Levy also said to the Group that this particular seminar she would recommend to also be implemented in Cardiff Met.

Special mention must go to the Lecturer Pearl Sohabideen for encouraging the students to research various case studies to help them in their presentation, adding to the skills set they will require for research in other subjects.

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