The enthusiast SIST team

The successful management of SIST is attributed to the support departments based over our three campuses. The hard work and successful communication between these departments and students enable the institute to run efficiently and effectively.

SIST President

Dr. Tariq Obaid – Dr. Tarik Obaide

Tariq Obaid


SIST Academic Department


Samir El Jaafari

Lecturer & Senior Academic Officer

Reem Bateh

Academic Coordinator

Zaid Amer Mohamed

Academic Operations Manager
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Antony Mallinson

Business Support Manager
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Ahmad Suhail

Tangier Manager
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Nabeel Obaid

Operations & Rabat Manager

SIST Admissions & Communication Department

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Alae El Bakkali Taheri

Front of house, Tangier

Asmaa Kaanane

Marketing Officer
0 (10)

Fayza Yassine

Marketing &Student Liaison Officer

Human resource & Finance Department


Mahmoud Doha

Human resources Officer

Baha’Eddine Murad

Head of Account and HR Manager

SIST Front of house

Sanaa Jarhmi

Sanaa Jarhmi

Executive Assistant, Casablanca

Ouijdane Aliane

Academic Officer