Very few people can pass through life without using the services of a bank, credit union or other financial institution.

Banking and Finance is a global industry and a complex business that goes beyond the handling of money and the balance of accounts.

Like all other countries, Morocco is influenced by what happens abroad in the world of business and finance. This Bachelor will help students navigate through the financial, banking and legal issues that all professional modern banking and finance employees must understand. Students will study the management of financial and international banking institutions, as well as how loans work.

This bachelor will help you pursue a range of careers in the banking and financial management sectors.

Potential Careers

Saving, investing and retirement plans are one of the traits of Banking and Financial services careers. The variety of this kind of services ranges from customer service banking and sales positions, financial advisers and analyst positions. Graduates who major in finance and banking work not only in commercial banks, mortgage companies, savings and loan establishments, and credit unions but also in government agencies that need financial services to manage their portfolio and regulate other institutions.

Module 1.1 Business in a Global Context
Module 1.2 Introduction to Marketing
Module 1.3 Foundations of Law
Module 1.4 Finance for Managers
Module 1.5 Managing People and Organisations
Module 1.6 Introduction to Information Systems
Module 1.7 Personal Development Planning

Module 2.1 Contemporary Issues in Political
Module 2.2 Economy
Module 2.3 Business Operations and
Module 2.4 Improvement
Module 2.5 Business in Action
Module 2.6 Work Experience with PDP
Module 2.7 Research Methods for Business
Module 2.8 Investment Markets and Principles
Module 2.9 Money, Banking, and Risk

Module 3.1 Strategic Management
Module 3.2 Leadership and Change Management
Module 3.3 Launching an Enterprise / Dissertation
Module 3.4 Investment Management
Module 3.5 Financial Management for Managers


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