Marketing is an essential integrated business technique that allows you to organise and plan a variety of tasks focusing on the final outcome of business with the customer. The purpose of this degree is to provide an integrated concept of marketing and communication.

Students master all aspects of implementing a strategic marketing communication plan. Our teaching develops our students’ skills in communication and public relations and encourages their capacity for analysis. Students will develop their ability to define a new strategic vision and be able to cope with a multitude of situations.

This course provides students with an excellent balance between theory and practice in a world of ever-changing communication. This program opens the door to exciting careers in the field of communication, marketing, media and advertising with local and international companies.

Potential Careers

A marketing career is very broad and diversified. A Marketing graduate will be overwhelmed by the different marketing positions that include: assistant, consultant, coordinator, executive, director, manager, planner, and specialist, all the way up to Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

Marketing career exceeds these typical positions and also covers also roles in advertising, brand management, digital marketing, e-mail marketing, international marketing, e-marketing, mobile marketing, print advertising, and social media marketing.

Due to the holistic approach of Marketing, marketers operate in many different sectors: banking and finance, insurance, accountancy, as well as management consulting, general management, business, and administration. Marketing graduates could also exercise their skills in the promotions departments such as pharmaceutical and healthcare, energy and utilities, culture, music and performing arts.

Module 1.1 business in a Global Context
Module 1.2 Introduction to Marketing
Module 1.3 foundations of Law
Module 1.4 Finance for Managers
Module 1.5 Managing People and Organisations
Module 1.6 Introduction to Information Systems
Module 1.7 Personal Development Planning

Module 2.1 Contemporary Issues in Political
Module 2.2 Economy
Module 2.3 Business Operations and
Module 2.4 Improvement
Module 2.5 Business in Action
Module 2.6 Work Experience with PDP
Module 2.7 Research Methods for Business
Module 2.8 Consumer, Culture, Commerce
Module 2.9 Integrated Marketing Communication

Module 3.1 Strategic Management
Module 3.2 Leadership and Change Management
Module 3.3 Launching an Enterprise / Dissertation
Module 3.4 Strategic Brand Management and Effective Advertising
Module 3.5 International and Global Marketing

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