SIST Student Life in Morocco

Our students enjoy variety of activities and events. We encourage our students to organise seminars, conferences and host events which help them sharpentheir organisation skills and leadership initiative skills.

SIST Student Life in Morocco

SIST and Cardiff Metropolitan University team work closely to deliver a great academic experience to the students. Our lecturers are quite modern and encourage the student’s challending perspective.

Vice Chancellor of Cardiff Metropolitan University

Vice-Chancellor, Antony J. Chapman talks about the partnership between Cardiff met and SIST.

Jane Levy Explains The Importance of Academic Writing

At SIST, students are required to conduct thorough research presented through assignment reports and presentations. Students must administer academic writing skills to be able to write 12 to 60 pages of research-based assignments.

What is an Exam Board?

Jane levy, Link Tutor between Cardiff Metropolitan University and SIST in Morocco explains the Exam Board Process for SIST Students.

SIST Book Club

The SIST Book Club had its debut in early 2019 and has since grown exponentially. This was the very first Book Club meeting whereby members presented their favourite books followed by interesting discussions. Additionally complementary refreshments were served and all members had the privilege of borrowing books. The SIST Book Club strives to enhance the reading culture amongst university students nationwide and our regular meetings allow us to reinforce our mission.

SIST British Festival

SIST Students organised a first edition of the British Festival Casablanca, celebrating British culture, food, and music. All natives living in Morocco are invited to attend and encouraged to participate.

SIST Regional Debate

In collaboration with The Moroccan Ministry of Education and The Moroccan Association of Teachers of English MATE, SIST participated in the organisation of The Regional Public Speaking Competition – Finals in Tangier. Eight cities from the North of Morocco participated in competing for the Title.

SIST Students Volunteering

SIST Rabat students visit the children hospital to brighten their day. It was a beautiful experience. The children had a great day full of fun, games and received some joyful gits. The event was organised with the children’s hospital in Rabat to put a smile on these children wonderful, brave faces. We are very proud to have such amazing students!

SIST English Speaking Conference (ELS)

SIST organised the first edition of English Language Speakers Conference in 2019 at the Sheraton Casablanca. Hosting 200 delegates and six speakers. The conference theme was “Unleash Your Superpowers” and served to help English speakers unite around a personal development experience that some described life changing.

SIST Job Day

SIST Hosts a Job Day yearly. Our Company partners join us to meet with the students and propose different internship and job opportunities.

SIST Global Village

Another decade and the global village are still at the heart of SIST. Huge Thank you for AIESEC Morocco for introducing us to such great multi-cultural event. Out International students have a great time sharing their culture during this event.

SIST Students Activities Video

SIST Students in Tangier made this video in 2014. SIST Students enjoy an incredible student life with Morocco being a prime destination for tourists, it’s also a great destination for students to join a wide range of activities.

Christmas at SIST

Santa visit to SIST students and staff to spread the love. It was a great day we won’t forget anytime soon. Thank you, Santa.