Enrolment Procedures at SIST

Students that wish to enrol at SIST – associate college of Cardiff Metropolitan University must have either a high school diploma, Baccalaureate or an equivalent of Baccalaureate degree to opt for a bachelor programme.

Students who have a Bachelor, Masters or equivalent can opt for our Masters and MBA programmes.

Students with a BAC+2 are able to apply to continue their studies at SIST starting level 2 Bachelor as long as their modules are compatible with the SIST and Cardiff Metropolitan University modules. This is only decided after you submit your modules transcripts to the academic department to be reviewed by the academic director at SIST.

In order to enrol for the Bachelor or MBA programme, applicants must have a minimum of English level B2. If you do not have a certificate for your level of English (such as IELTS, TOEFL or equivalent) , you are required to sit the Oxford online placement test at SIST campus. The test fee is 200 MAD.

Registration Form

For further information, you can contact the admissions office directly, or fill in the following form:

Programme Admissions

We invite you to visit the programme of your choice admission page where you shall find all entry requirements for that specific programme:

Contact SIST to take the test or to apply:

Get in touch with us today if you need further clarification about the registration process, to arrange the Oxford placement test or to apply to study with us. Our admissions team is available to assist you.

Casablanca: E: admissions.casablanca@sist.ac.ma  |  Tel: +212 (0) 522211680

Rabat: E: rabatadmissions@sist.ac.ma  |  Tel: +212 (0) 0537705122

Tanger: E: admissions.tanger@sist.ac.ma  | Tel: +212 (0) 0539370505

Or submit an information request through our pre-registration form here >>